20 Comedic Monologues for All Ages

20 Comedic Monologues for All Ages is a great collection of funny pieces that you can rock for free at your next audition, video project or monologue class.

20 Comedic Monologues for All Ages

  1. Fungus Among Us – Alexa is grossed out by her roommate for being such a slob and living in nasty apartment conditions.
  2. Some Time Today – Jack can’t take waiting in lines, especially when the person in front of him is taking an abnormal extra extra extra long time to pay for their goods.
  3. Nervous Nostrils – Delaine has just been approached by a guy who has the longest hair nostrils she’s ever bared witness to.
  4. The Crop Duster – Bookstore. Fart. Dust. Spit. Lights. Karma. Amen.
  5. How Was Your Day Darling Face? – Beverly had an eventful day with her husband’s truck to say the least, not to mention the flickering light in the kitchen and wild bear that attacked her.
  6. An Alien Keeps Stealing My Beer – Noel can’t stand the little alien that keeps stealing his beloved beer and he sets out a plan to catch the culprit.
  7. Gangster Grandma – a short comedic monologue where a gangster Grandmother talks to her Grandson about whacking someone she goes to bingo with.
  8. The Last M&M Samurai – Dan represents his philosophy of how he always lets the last m&m free from his bag.
  9. Crappy Pants – Elise has gone on the worst first date of her life and she tells her best friend Anna all about the horror she experienced.
  10. Protein – we all need it, some of us choose a different path to get some.
  11. A World of Unlimited Dreams– this monologue explores what it’s like to experience boredom on such a painful level that it’s actually hilarious.
  12. Landed On Your Doorstep – this guy is special…he loves drinking until he can’t see and he loves to NOT pay rent.  Plus he sleeps all damn day long.
  13. Rosy, Peachy, Apple Eating Life – here’s a monologue about what it’s like to envy somebody’s amazing parent relationship.
  14. Can I Use Your Toilet? – this dude it about to pop if he doesn’t make it to bathroom heaven soon.
  15. Wife Tells Husband To Stop Eating Loving Food – Dorothea is hard core jealous over the hired help’s amazing home cooked dinners.
  16. Higher Level – this fella has got to step up his game, maybe read a book or two or three before stepping up to smart women way out of his league.
  17. Wing Girl – Janet is desperate for action and is trying to avoid bringing herself to an all time low and doing something she regrets.
  18. Something On The Stove? – the pure whiff of ass at its finest.
  19. A Smile Per Day Keeps A Wrinkle Away – Cleopatra runs the poolside and whoever she encounters it is clear that she is older, wiser and must be heard, especially when it comes to wrinkle protection.
  20. An Entire Tube of Toothpaste – this man cannot take another day of suffering through the most gag hitting breath in the history of mankind.


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