Blue Door Ronnie

In Blue Door Ronnie, Ronnie tries to sell an item to a pawn shop that isn’t interested, but when Ronnie pushes, the unexpected happens.

Blue Door Ronnie



RONNIE stands in front of a store counter. He is disheveled in appearance, but not ragged.

SILVIA stands behind it. She is casual in both dress and personality.

SYLVIA:  I can’t do it.

RONNIE:  Why not?

SYLVIA:  I just can’t.

RONNIE:  I’ve been coming here for months.  You can’t let this one squeak by?

SYLVIA:  My boss will have my ass.

RONNIE:  Listen, I’m really—if you want to know the truth, I’m trying to make my rent.

SYLVIA:  I know how it is.

RONNIE:  If you know how it is, please, cut me this break.

SYLVIA:  I really wish to help you, but if I take an item that I know for sure won’t sell, I’m not only hurting the company I work for, but I am jeopardizing my job.  I’ve already had two warnings from my boss because I have compassion for people, so it’s gotten me in trouble. I know times are tough, but sadly, you’re not the only one.

RONNIE:  This is bullsh’t.

SYLVIA:  I know.

RONNIE:  Not you. I wouldn’t speak–the situation is bullsh’t.

SYLVIA:  Can I offer you free coffee?

RONNIE:  Nah, thank you. You know I, I’m not some random druggie looking for a quick fix. Things have gone downhill with my business. I’ve lost so many accounts. One after the other. I’m left with crumbs. But the bills keep coming in though..

SYLVIA:  What is it you do again?

RONNIE:  Exterminating.

SYLVIA:  Roaches and rats?

RONNIE:  Yeah…is there…will you let me speak to your boss?

SYLVIA:  I wouldn’t suggest that?

RONNIE:  Can you just get your boss, please?

SYLVIA:  Ronnie, is it?


SYLVIA:  I really wouldn’t suggest it.

Awkward beat.

RONNIE:  Sylvia, I’m a desperate man.

SYLVIA:  Are you sure?

RONNIE:  I have no choice. Let me.

Sylvia eyes Ronnie and leaves the counter.

A moment goes by and she comes back with a large man.

So large in fact that we only see his stomach and chest, which consists of a white buttoned down shirt and red tie.

Ronnie swallows.

RONNIE:  Hi, you’re the boss man?

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Blue Door Ronnie by Joseph ArnoneIn the short film script, “Blue Door Ronnie”, desperate for money to pay his rent, Ronnie wishes to sell an item to a pawn shop that doesn’t want to buy it from him.  When Ronnie won’t take no for an answer, things take a turn for the worse.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.  Suspense.

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