Real Again

In this teen script Real Again, two female teenagers who are dating in secret and come from abusive homes, discuss the idea of suicide and robbery.

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Real Again

RENE and KENDRA walk along train tracks holding hands.

RENE: When did you first think about it?

KENDRA: Two years ago…I remember the exact day, actually.

RENE: What was it?

KENDRA: My brother. Things happened between us and it set me on a different course.

RENE: Right. Me, too. Just not my brother.

KENDRA: I know.

RENE: Yeah.

KENDRA: Your Dad…

RENE: Yep…I never considered it being an option, until we met. Not saying it’s a bad alternative to things but, being with you, makes me feel real again.

KENDRA: Me, too.

RENE: Not so sure I would want to do it now, unless it was with you…

They look at one another.

KENDRA: I’ve thought about that, too. It all depends…

RENE: On what?

KENDRA: Depends on trying to make it out of this place…

RENE: I know where there’s money, not much, but I think it will be enough to get us out of here.

KENDRA: Really?

RENE: We’d have to get it though, steal it.

KENDRA: Is it risky?

RENE: Risky enough but worth the reward.

KENDRA: Well, what’s our alternative, Rene?

RENE: We can do this together.

KENDRA: Let’s make it happen.

RENE: Let’s make it happen.

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In this short drama script, RENE and KENDRA develop a dangerous plan to rob their way into a better future together.

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