In short drama eScript, “Boulevard”, Mother is fed up with seeing her daughter staying home writing all of the time. 



KELLY writes in her notebook. Her MOTHER enters.

MOTHER:  When you gonna stop all that nonsense and get yourself on a path to success?

KELLY: What are you talking about?

Gesturing to her daughter’s notebooks.

MOTHER:  That! All that stuff. Where is it going?

KELLY:  I don’t know.

MOTHER:  You’re old enough to get a job and start helping us. Your father’s been out of work for two months and not once have you offered to help out. Even a part-time job. Instead, you lock yourself up in this room dabbling or doodling or whatever the hell it is that you do.

KELLY:  Writing, Mom.

MOTHER:  Writing. Writing doesn’t pay the bills around here. Starting tomorrow I want you hitting the boulevard and finding some sort of work. Get a job. You’ve lived stress free for sixteen years. I’ve had it.

KELLY:  I’ll see about getting something at the sandwich shop. Frida has a job there, maybe she can get me something a couple days a week.

MOTHER:  Good. That’s reality, child. Living in your room—

KELLY:  I said, I’ll get a job, alright? You don’t have to keep going–

MOTHER:  I will keep going for as long as I desire.

KELLY:  Hate when you get like this.

MOTHER:  Then don’t give me a reason.

KELLY:  I’m not! I’m alone in my room. I wasn’t bothering you.

MOTHER:  You don’t have to do anything to bother me, which is what bothers me.

KELLY:  I’m in the middle of writing some- thing and I already said I’ll go out to find a job.


KELLY:  Tomorrow, alright? What more do you want from my life?

MOTHER:  I want you to think! I want you to look ahead. Stop being so self-absorbed and wasting your time. I don’t see no hunger, no ambition in you. I don’t see you going out and doing anything with your life.

KELLY:  I am! What do you think I’m doing by writing?

MOTHER:  Do you even know how to make any money from it?


MOTHER:  So why bother?

KELLY:  Cause it’s what I like doing. Why can’t I do stuff I like doing?

MOTHER:  I liked dancing when I was your age. Didn’t mean I was going to be a ballerina!

KELLY:  Leave me alone.

MOTHER:  I’ve read your stuff, by the way.

KELLY:  You what?

MOTHER:  Your so called writing. I’ve read it. I don’t like it.

KELLY:  Why did you read my work?

MOTHER:  Work? What, work?

KELLY:  My writing work!

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Boulevard by Joseph ArnoneDrama script, “Boulevard” is about a Mother who isn’t pleased with her daughter Kelly being home all the time writing, instead of participating in life and contributing to their family.  2 Women. Drama.

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