Bullets of the Wasteland

In the one-act eplay Bullets of the Wasteland, Margaret is unhappy over the new construction building project near her home.

MARGARET:  They said I’m the devil, or what was it? As evil as the devil. That’s the one, that’s the phrase they used. What an insult. I have never been out to deliberately hurt anyone that didn’t, you know, deserve what was coming. I more often than not, mind my own business. I try…but, there are situations that occur that go outside my control. Believe me when I tell you Bill, I do everything that I can to avoid the possibility of, you know, something bad taking place. I like peace. Don’t you? Don’t you just love peace and quiet? I love me some peace and quiet. I want peace. I devour peace, but unfortunately for some, peace isn’t a word often used. There’s something at play that feels it needs to, needs to put all this dark energy into this world. Every now and again, something comes along that’s going to pounce on a little innocent rabbit, minding its own business, eating carrots and lettuce from the garden…the predator approaches silently, with full blooded intention to destroy and kill its prey, but just when it’s about to make its move, this happy tiny bunny turns to its enemy with fire in its eyes and morphs itself into a wolf. The once confident predator encounters something so fierce it feels fear like it never felt, the kind of fear it never knew existed. I am that cute itty-bitty bunny, hopping along in my garden…wanting to be left alone…but, now they disturbed my peace and I may be forced to defend myself, if not for honor than certainly self-respect…wouldn’t you agree?

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Bullets of the Wasteland by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay Bullets of the Wasteland, Margaret delivers road obstacles to a new construction site in order to prevent its completion.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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