8 Funny Practice Voice Over Scripts for Actors

8 practice voice over comedy scripts for actors.  These are short 30 second commercial copy scripts to have fun with.

Hi.  My name’s Jim.  You can call me Jimbo.  I’m the proud inventor of a product called Ball Dive.  Ball Dive is a cream for your ballsack when you can’t stop scratching.  So remember, when irritation hits…hit back with Ball Dive.

Achy tooth?  No problem.  Try Tooth Popper.  First, bring the contraption close to your achy tooth.  Second, smile wide.  Third, let the Tooth Popper punch you right in the smacker.  Out pops the correct tooth 50% of the time.

You ever find yourself driving in a car when the most fantastically painful diarrhea strikes?  I have. That’s why I use, STRIKE NO MORE.  A bag you tuck under your ass to release all your bodily functions while driving.  No mess, no fuss, no pain.  You don’t even have to take your hands off the wheel.  You just goooooooooooo.

If you’re like me, you have a wife who doesn’t know when to stop screaming at you.  Introducing, Don’t Hear Shit.  You place the phony ear over your real ear and guess what...silence.  All you have to do is nod.  She’ll never notice the difference.

Tired of seeing your husband’s piss on the toilet bowl?  I am.  That’s why I use, Piss Puddler.  Piss Puddler is a radar detector that hangs above the toilet so each time your hubby drops a little drizzle, the Piss Puddler drops a little drizzle on him.

Today I’m going to talk to you about Who Knew.  Who Knew works when someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to and answers it for you, disguised as your voice.  Just download the app and it detects when you are feeling stupid, based on your body’s vibration.  It then searches for the answer and pipes up a response on your behalf.  Who Knew?

Trying to quit smoking?  Try Sooner Than Later.  One cigarette designed to give you the ultimate near death experience.  With just one or two inhales, you will instantly slip into a 24 hour coma.  When you wake up, your urge to smoke will be completely gone.  Guaranteed.

Hello there, is your coworker occasionally too much to handle??  Try, Not Today.  Not Today works just like Pavlov’s Theory.  All you have to do is spray once into your co-workers face and they won’t bother you for the entire month.  No recollection.  No bother.

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