1 Minute Monologues Comedy

1 Minute Monologues Comedy are staff picks of some terrific comedy monologues to help you find good material faster. Comedy monologues are for men & women.

1 Minute Monologues Comedy

In addition to monologues, we also publish free scripts.

You are welcome to use them for non-commercial work such as classroom study, actor demo reels or make your own short film.

Our scripted scenes are great for two people and we have hundreds more for 3-5 small cast sizes as well.  You will see a mix of 5 minute or 10 minute short scripts, covering a wide collection of genres such as comedy/drama/scifi/thriller/serio-comedy/action and more.

If you like our free monologue and play script resource, please tell your friends about us.  =)  We really appreciate it.

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