El Camino del Diablo

In short script, “El Camino del Diablo,” Robertd gets visited by Juan Bautista De Anza to get sent on a mission to find an ancient land.

El Camino del Diablo



CONQUISTADOR JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA and his men surround a beaten up shack in the desert.

ROBERTD, steps out.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  You are the bull man?

ROBERTD:  I am no bull man.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  Are you not the man who rescued the people of Pimeria Alta from a bull?

ROBERTD:  I am that man, but I am no bull man.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  Where did you learn such skill?

ROBERTD:  Sir, I am only a gravedigger and drinker. Any skill that I had is all used up.

CORTéS (TO ROBERTD):  Can you slay my Becerrillo?

All the men on horses laugh.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA (TO ROBERTD):  So you admit you had a skill?


JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  And from where did you first obtain this lost skill?

ROBERTD:  I was born in Spain. I come from a family of Toreros who fight in the Plaza de toros de Ronda.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  What is your name?

ROBERTD:  Robertd Romero.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  And have you ever stepped into the Plaza de toros de Ronda to challenge?

ROBERTD:  Me? …No…


ROBERTD:  I became something else.

CORTéS (OUTLOUD):  A drunk!

All the men laugh. Juan raises his hand and the men stop laughing.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  Not drunk enough to save the lives of five children. (beat) Why are you here?

ROBERTD:  There are many travelers who do not make the footpath. If I do not find them in time, I bury them.


ROBERTD:  This is my way of helping Francisco Garcés and the visitas set by Father Eusebio Kino, but I am no Jesuit. I do what I must do, alone, and for reasons that are my business only.

Juan throws a bag of gold at Robertd’s feet. Robertd looks inside.

I do not want this gold.


ROBERTD:  It does not belong to me.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  I am giving it to you as an appreciation for having saved innocent lives.

ROBERTD:  I will not take this payment.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  So, you see, you are more than just a drinking gravedigger.

Robertd tosses the gold sack back up to Juan.

I too am from Spain…

Juan Bautista de Anza stares at Robertd.

Since you do not wish to take my gold, I have a task for you in which you will earn it.

ROBERTD:  I wish to be left alone, sir.

JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA:  I own this land. Which means I am entitled to receive payment from anyone who dwells on it.

ROBERTD:  If you wish for me to leave, I will leave peacefully.

JUAN BAUTIUSTA DE ANZA:  I don’t wish for you to leave.

ROBERTD:  What then, senor?

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El Camino del Diablo Script by Joseph ArnoneIn the short period script, “El Camino del Diablo,” Robertd gets an unwelcome visit by Juan Bautista De Anza in order to get sent on a challenge to find an ancient land.  10 Men.  Drama.  Period Drama. 

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