Castles in the Sky

In Castles in the Sky, military warden for a prison camp Manuel begins his process for penetrating the mind of captured spy Arco.

MANUEL:   …I don’t like my job. But I love my country. Cannot stomach the waste I must answer to…superiors who are superior at nothing, quite frankly. They have no craftsmanship. No acquired gifts. No secret abilities. Their only positions were spoon-fed to them, from their ancestors. But as one does, I obey. I keep my most troubling thoughts to myself in order to function. As we all do, no?

I know my men have worked you over quite a bit. It always comes down to a battle of wills. (puffs his cigar)

How many times have you gone off to visit another place in your mind? Does it help? It helps me. I am no different than you Arco. I get paid to kill and you got caught for killing, but other than that, we are the same. The same kind of man.

You love your country, as do I. You love your wife, as do I. You love your children, as do I. Do you love music? Jazz? The theatre? Cinema? What about a walk through the park on a breezy night? Or the sunset from the terrace of a cafe, with a cappuccino and a side of tiramisu?

You will become the one-hundred and thirteenth man that has been killed inside these walls. An institution of death. So many lost spirits, their shadows walk the nights, still trying to escape, still crying out in anger. When I hear their shrieks I put on those records, pour myself a drink… contempt, you might call it, leaving nothing in my windpipe but promise. A promise to continue doing the work I’ve no choice to do. I promise something, I do it! As any man should. Ahh, but the excuses! Excuses! Not me. Do you think that’s a good quality for a person to have? I do. I do. I have decided that for one day and for one day only I will let you go, set you free. See that door? (pointing)

(Arco looks up.)

That door will lead you downstairs, out into the back courtyard where a car will be waiting for you. It will escort you to a secure place where you will see your wife and children one last time.

You will have the entire day with them, you can talk to them, embrace them, feel alive once more Arco.

When your time is over, you will get back into the vehicle and be driven back here. Does this sound right with you?

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Castles in the Sky by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Castles in the Sky, military warden Manuel makes an offer to prisoner Arco in order to gain information for what he signifies is valuable scientific research for his book.  2 Men.  Drama.

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