Bounty of the Sun

In the monologue from Bounty of the Sun, Renshō challenges Atsumori’s ghost to samurai battle on the Ichi-no-Tani Beach.  Based on a true story…

Renshō (sensing Atsumori’s presence): Ah, I see the winds of change hath been aroused…cometh my spirit, cometh my most favorite demon; restore my life, through death…is thou unsure? …Is thou afraid? …Wouldst thou wish for me to begin the entrance of my blade upon my broken soul? (commanding) Pick up thou blade and plunge me. (beat) Most dishonorable ghost. Hath I not shed tears on both cheeks? Hath I not rode my horse to the Paradise of Amida? I do not look upon thee but feel thee, know’st thee…slaughtered spirit, most brutally blundered birth! Free me of my wounds inflicted upon thy flesh!


…Perhaps I have offended thee; most opulent ghost. Dost thou wish to battle instead? Draw thy sword and reveal thyself. Do not deny the privilege of my challenge. We hath waited sixteen wretched years to the day thou met thy fate. Thus, I am older, but more evenly matched for thine revenge. Hath thou been waiting as well, training each day while in hell?

I am here! Thou shall give an honorable fight, raise out thy sword with all of thy might. Try to disfigure and crumble me…my ruler of haunted memory. (shouting) Reveal thyself! (spinning around with sword drawn) Is thou afraid?! Is thou weak?! Thou powdered noble son still remains meek?

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Bounty of the Sun by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Bounty of the Sun, Renshō returns to the beach where he killed Atsumori 16 years to the day, in order to find forgiveness with one more final battle.  2 Men.  Drama.  Period Drama.

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