Why wasn’t I ever good enough in your eyes Luca?

Luca does everything he can to save his cousin from definite death in this crime drama scene from ‘Right Between the Eyes’.

LUCA: Gio, we can’t do that.

GIO: Why not?

LUCA: WE can’t.

GIO: We always said that if our backs were against the wall, we wouldn’t back down. Didn’t I you agree to that?

LUCA: Maybe.

GIO: So where’s your word?

LUCA: There are way too many factors involved here.

GIO: Like what? Tell me. Like, what?



LUCA: Cause you’re no good Geo! You can’t walk the line. You never could. Look at the mess we’re in on account of you. What do you think this all is? They’re coming for you if you don’t leave in time. Do you understand? You have a chance to run. Go as far as you can and start a new life for yourself. You talked about forgetting faces, GOOD, good that’s what you do, we’ve got no choice, forget every face you’ve ever known, make it disappear from your mind forever…you walk. This is your only chance, our only chance.

GIO: Why wasn’t I ever good enough in your eyes Luca?

LUCA: Come on.

GIO: No, bro, tell me, come on, why wasn’t I ever no good?

LUCA: You are good, that’s the problem…you were always too good for this world.

GIO: I followed YOU.

LUCA: And I was wrong to allow it.

GIO: I go where you go.

LUCA: Not anymore.

GIO: You want me to be a ghost, right? Change my name, my clothes, my face, all that, right?

LUCA: I can’t protect you anymore.

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Right Between The Eyes by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Right Between The Eyes, Gio gets paid a visit from his cousin Luca and gets told that he needs to disappear because men are coming to kill him.  2 Men.  Drama/Crime.

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