Forever, My Dino

In Forever My Dino, Dean is upset over the fact that his sister Mira won’t let him be friends with Tommy, the local troublemaker.

DEAN:  You’re making, making things up Mi – ira. You keep saying that, that Tommy said things, things that he didn’t ever say, cause, cause you want me to stop being his friend. You always do this Mira. You wanna take everyone away from me. Like, like with Hilda, for instance, I liked Hilda and she liked me. We were close. She was a nice girl and she stopped being with me cause of what you said and she left me, forever…I haven’t seen Hilda in a long time, where is she? Why did she leave?…She never told me why she left but you said something to her, didn’t you? Didn’t you? I knew it was your fault! She liked me! Hilda liked me whole lot! And now you wanna take Tommy away from me too and you’re supposed to love me, I’m your brother, you’re, you’re supposed to love me, not hurt me! All you do is hurt me…you find all the ways to only hurt me.

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Forever My Dino by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Forever, My Dino, Mira doesn’t want her brother Dean hanging out with the local drug dealer for fear that he will get badly hurt or worse. 1 Woman, 2 Men. Drama.

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