End of the Rabbit Hole

In End of the Rabbit Hole, Jeff asks his friend to do something that isn’t expected and that goes beyond his friend’s beliefs.

JEFF:  My whole life has been a series of bad decisions. You know me better than anybody. I ain’t ever gonna get out of this one Marshal. I’ve reached the end of the rabbit hole, there’s no light left. I’m not the brightest, we know that and I’m guilty of it, but it’s not rocket science to know they were gunning for me. I went to the club tonight as a final gesture for them all to kiss my ass. For this life I’ve lived, to kiss my ass. I celebrated one last hurrah. I’m leaving everything behind. There’s Annie. She deserves so much better than any life I could give her, I’ll just be selfish to continue on. I love her too much…I gotta go out on my own terms and I can, if you help me out on this one last thing. You’ve always been there for me and I’ve never said thank you for any of it…I know it’s not why you came here tonight, I know, but it’s my only chance at leaving this place with a little bit of self-respect…you understand that. I can’t ask this from anyone but you…

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End of the Rabbit Hole by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay End of the Rabbit Hole, Marshal meets secretly with his friend Jeff who is in major trouble and needs help fixing the situation he’s in.  2 Men.  Drama.

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