Anything Can Happen at Any Moment

A drama scene taken from the one-act play script Little Fish about a married couple coping with the evaporation of people touching a backyard fence.

BRYAN: Anything can happen at any moment.

DELILAH: That’s true.

BRYAN: But nothing ever does.


BRYAN: No…a ballet that leads to nowhere.

DELILAH: Are you having fun with me?

BRYAN: I’m being serious.

DELILAH: Can’t you be serious on your own time?

BRYAN: I’m sorry, dear. Forgive me.

DELILAH looks out window.


BRYAN: …Again…

DELILAH: Gotta get that fence fixed.

BRYAN: It’s always broken.

DELILAH: I knew that girl…the little blond one from around the corner, always making lemonade—

BRYAN: It was her?


BRYAN: Thought she would have made it.

DELILAH: As did I.

BRYAN: We can never be sure who gets through.

DELILAH: So sad. She was remarkable.

BRYAN: Ah, that she was.

DELILAH: There is always going to be brief glimpses of light…nothing further.

BRYAN: One must hope.

DELILAH: Hope is for suckers.

BRYAN: Now, now…we can’t buy into that way of thinking.

DELILAH: It’s all we’ve ever known.

BRYAN: This happens to you every so often.

DELILAH: I really thought she was gonna make it through.

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