I Invested in France

A father visits his daughter unannounced to tell her devastating news in this scene taken from the one-act eplay Drinks on the House.

LEON: I invested in France, moved there for a while, just visiting, in between places, traveling, living, that sort of thing…you?

ONNIE: I’m living, too.

LEON: You can’t be serious about that guy.

ONNIE: You know what, if you’re gonna be a lowlife, than leave now and get there early.

LEON: (laughs) I’ve missed you.

ONNIE: No, seriously, I hate you, what do you want?

LEON: Hate me? For real?


LEON: Nice place you got here…smells when you first walk in but you get used to it pretty fast.

ONNIE: Leon, if you say one more derogatory thing, I’ll call the police and have you escorted out from here.

LEON: You would, wouldn’t you?

ONNIE: That’s right.

LEON: I’m dying.

ONNIE: What?

LEON: I said, I’m going to die…soon, I was given three to six months if I’m lucky, but who knows.

ONNIE: What—

LEON: Cancer. Caught it too late.

ONNIE: That’s–

LEON: I don’t have much time.

ONNIE: I’m sorry.

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Drinks on the House by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Drinks on the House, Leon shows up at his daughter loft apartment after not having seen her for years.  He arrives with bad news but with the hope that they can fix their broken relationship, before it’s too late.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Serio-comedy.

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