You have an exit plan, I don’t.

In the serio-comedy scene from play act, ‘One Way Road, Pedro wants to be alone with his drink but his friend Babs interferes with his plans.

PEDRO: My life is worse now because of you.

BABS: So why are we friends if we keep making one another worse?

PEDRO: That’s a good question.

BABS: So, maybe we can figure it out together.

PEDRO: Figure what out?

BABS: Why we’re friends?

PEDRO: Because we like each other.

BABS: Doesn’t sound like it.

PEDRO: You’re giving me a real hard time tonight Babs and all I wanted to do was drink and forget myself. Is that too much to ask?

BABS: So drink!

PEDRO: I’m tryin!

BABS: Drink. Here. We’ll do shots. On me. (Taps bar counter – to bartender.) Lemme get another for him and me. (Slaps cash on the bar counter.) There you go. Wash it right down and forget our troubles.

PEDRO: (Sighs.) It shouldn’t be this hard.

BABS: Don’t make it hard.

PEDRO: What?

BABS: Don’t make it hard.

PEDRO: You have an exit plan, I don’t.

BABS: I can give you one of my guns if you wanna —

PEDRO: Are you kidding me or what?

BABS: Just saying.

PEDRO: Give it a rest Babs.

BABS: Grab your shot, let’s do this…here’s to living life to the fullest and uh, what else?

They hold up their shots.

PEDRO: Here’s to living life for as long as is possible without interfering…alright?

BABS: Alright.

They do their shots.

BABS: We friends again?

PEDRO: Yeah, we’re friends again Babs.

BABS: …Thank you for caring about me…

Pedro puts his arm around Babs.

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