I’m With You Soldier

“I’m with you soldier” starts excerpt with soldiers stuck on a mountain during a snowstorm in one-act act drama eplay, Facing The Sun.

CHESTER: I’m with you soldier.

TOM: (chuckles) Hell yeah, that’s right!

CHESTER: We are walking. And talking.

TOM: You are talking like a bird sings a song.

CHESTER: (chuckles) That’s right.

TOM: I’m a let you go now. You try walking on your own. Okay?


TOM gently lets CHESTER go and CHESTER takes a few wobbly steps but manages to keep walking on his own.

There you go. You got it. Like riding a bike.

CHESTER: I’m walking.

TOM: Once you get going you never forget.

CHESTER: I’m walking Tom.

TOM: You are you son of a b’tch, you are.

CHESTER collapses.

TOM wills himself to CHESTER’S aid.

You alright! You’re alright!

TOM helps lean CHESTER up against a rock.

CHESTER: I was walking.

TOM: Yes, you were. All by yourself.

CHESTER: I was, I was.

TOM: You rest easy now. You done excellent.


TOM: Got that blood pumping and flowing in your veins.


TOM: You’re gonna be alright.

TOM grabs his scepter. TOM helps CHESTER drink.

Good, good that’s good. You relax. You did good.

CHESTER: Feel better.

TOM: Yeah?

CHESTER: Blood pumping through me.

TOM: You feel it?

CHESTER: Throbbing through me.

TOM: Good! Good!

TOM begins massaging CHESTER’S arms, shoulders and legs.

Keep that blood flowing through you.

CHESTER: I need to rest.

TOM: Not yet, we’re gonna watch the sun rise.


TOM: I know, but that sun is gonna shine itself right on us. It’s rising up over those mountains there and it’s gonna hit us like summer break.

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Facing The Sun Play ScriptIn the one act eplay Facing The Sun, three soldiers are stranded after combat on a mountaintop during heavy winter.  They are waiting for their rescue chopper to arrive but due to weather conditions, they have been waiting for quite some time.  Supplies have run thin.  One of the soldiers named Reynolds has died.  Tom and Chester remain but Chester is fighting to stay awake.  Tom does everything in his power to keep Chester and himself alive.  3 Men.  Drama.  

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