Aren’t we all running from something, Mrs. Maureen?

In the drama scene from one-act eplay, “The Attic” Maureen lets her brother Mundy know that Onya is going to be staying with them.

MAUREEN: Do you consider yourself attractive?

ONYA: Not really.

MAUREEN: Good! We like ’em wholesome here. Nothing burns me more than some ditz that likes to look at glamour magazines. Do you look at glamour magazines?

ONYA: I don’t. I, I can’t read.

MAUREEN: What’s that?

ONYA: Can’t read…

MAUREEN: You poor child…that’s a troublesome way to live. My father used to read me bedtime stories, till one day he was struck in the head by a baseball..when he came out the hospital he lost all ability to read.

ONYA: I’m so sorry to hear that.

MUNDY shyly appears from the door-frame.

MAUREEN (Noticing him.): What do you want Mundy?

MUNDY: Who’s the woman?

MAUREEN: Mundy, now you know better than to go around asking questions that don’t concern you. (To Onya.) This here’s Mundy, my brother.

ONYA: How do you do?

MUNDY: Fine.

MAUREEN: (To Mundy.) Onya is going to be staying with us.

MUNDY: I don’t want her staying here.

MAUREEN: You have no say.

MUNDY: (Blurting loudly.) This is my house, too!

MAUREEN: …Mundy, do I need to beat you with the broom?


MAUREEN: Shouting in front of our guest is extremely rude. Did you know that?


MAUREEN: Say you’re sorry.

MUNDY: Sorry.

MAUREEN: Not to me! To Onya, say it!

MUNDY: I’m sorry, Onya.

ONYA: It’s no trouble, really.

MUNDY exits.

MAUREEN: Don’t mind him. He’s just inquisitive but has the mind of a mule. He’s as harmless as a tree. He takes up space is all. You won’t find him making a contribution to anyone or anything around here. An existence that makes us all wonder WHY. He’s the big WHY in the family. Do you have a WHY?

ONYA: A why? How do you mean?

MAUREEN: You have family?

ONYA: Not anymore.

MAUREEN: Running from something?

ONYA: Aren’t we all running from something, Mrs. Maureen?

MAUREEN: You remind me of someone I know. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s there. You’re here, and it’s there. Do I remind you of anybody?

ONYA: I get a sense of who you are but I don’t know how –

MAUREEN: Ah, you see, you feel it too.

ONYA: Fate.


ONYA: Could be fate that has brought us together.

MAUREEN: I have a will. You can kill me if you so desire, but I have a will written out by law, and this estate is protected. You’ll get nothing!

ONYA: That’s not what I want.

MAUREEN: No? Well, what do you want?

ONYA: I want you to love me.

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The Attic by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Attic, Maureen opens up her home to allow a stranger named Onya to move in the attic and take up residency, so long as she does the chores that are expected of her.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.  Absurd.

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