Since when does a heart have to be in it?

Drama scene from one-act eplay, “Bullet Wound”, about two men who are partners in crime and secretly hired to make the other disappear.

ESPEN: I’ll walk myself to a hospital.

RUSSEL: And say what?

ESPEN: I’ll say, “Someone I thought was my best friend shot me”. What do you think I’ll say?

RUSSEL: I know you won’t say nothing of the sort.


RUSSEL: You can’t go. You know the rules.

ESPEN: F’k the rules! We’re supposed to be partners, remember? Is this how it ends between us then?

RUSSEL: You’re still alive, Espen.

ESPEN: Wish you’d gone through with it. I’d a gone all the way.

RUSSEL: Sure you would have.

ESPEN: I would have done so.

RUSSEL: Oh yeah?

ESPEN: Yeah!

Russel tosses his gun on the bed beside Espen.

RUSSEL: Go on then! Shoot me! Go on…for the love of God be quick about it or hold your tongue from now on. SHOOT ME DEAD!


Espen takes another long swig of Jameson. Russel leaves the gun on the bed and sits back down.

Bad judgement.


RUSSEL: ME! (Pause.) My heart wasn’t in it.

ESPEN: Since when does a heart have to be in it?

Russel types into his phone.

RUSSEL: She’ll be on her way, mate. (Beat.) I’m in the sh’t know this.

ESPEN: Why me?

RUSSEL: They don’t tell us why, you know that.

ESPEN: Bstrds.

RUSSEL: I’m gonna have to take off.

ESPEN: So am I.

RUSSEL: We could travel together, if you want.

ESPEN: Why did you have to bother with me?

RUSSEL: I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since I received the message.

ESPEN: Why not just tell me?

RUSSEL: I’m lost for words.

ESPEN: Why couldn’t you do it, Russel?


ESPEN: Why didn’t you just finish the job?

RUSSEL: Damned if I know…I could, ya know..go through with it. But…you’ve always reminded me of something.

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Bullet Wound by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act play, “Bullet Wound”, best friends in crime are chosen to cancel one another out without the other knowing because they must follow the rules. 2 Men, 1 Woman. Drama.

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