It is life’s nature to make us evolve…

In drama scene from, “Petals From a Rose”, Clifford talks to the love of his life about why they were not destined for each other.

CLIFFORD: How beautiful you’ve remained.

MARGARET: …You..are in town on business?

CLIFFORD: Afraid so.


CLIFFORD: Poisonous.


CLIFFORD: Extremely. But, in order to survive one must play their hand at the table.

MARGARET: I am sure you hold your honor.

CLIFFORD: Hmm. Honor. We are all born with a clean slate of honor, aren’t we? Till it chips away throughout time to reveal our true selves.

MARGARET: And who is your true self?

CLIFFORD: Disappointment.

MARGARET: I can’t agree.

CLIFFORD: I am not the man you once knew, Margaret. Tell me, have you changed?

MARGARET: Yes. I have.

CLIFFORD: Married? Children?


CLIFFORD: Those stages of life give change, do they not?

MARGARET: Certainly.

CLIFFORD: None of us will ever remain the same. I have heard some claim that people can never change. I have always found that ignorant. It is life’s nature to make us evolve, whether consciously or happens. Do you imagine the same human being at birth to be the same, unchanged human being at death?

MARGARET: No, I do not.

CLIFFORD: And you are right. Deliberate change is difficult, but we change nonetheless, without conscious effort. (Pause. A moment of silence.) Sitting with you this very moment, somehow brings me back to the man I sometimes remember.

MARGARET: I still see you, Clifford.


MARGARET: Excuse me?

CLIFFORD: You have two sons.

MARGARET: Yes, how did you know?


MARGARET: Clifford…I, I must admit that I, I heard about the tragedy that had befallen upon you and your wife.

CLIFFORD: (Nods in remorse.)

MARGARET: I’m sorry.

CLIFFORD: Gregory was eight years old when we lost him. My ex-wife, Sarina, departed for France soon after, where she has remained ever since. The loss of my son left an abyss so far and wide between us, that neither one of us was brave enough to cross. She is happy now, well, happier than she would have been had she stayed with me.

MARGARET: I couldn’t imagine…the pain.

CLIFFORD: You don’t have to. Appreciate what you have, especially during the time that you have it. (Beat.) Margaret…


CLIFFORD: Margaret…I…

MARGARET:: Please, let’s not…the past is the past, for a reason.

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Petals From a Rose by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act play, “Petals From a Rose”, many years have gone by wherein Clifford and Margaret were supposed to start a new life together, but never did.  The two speak for the first time at a Cafe, both having undergone a new life.    1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.  

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