I Gave You What I Promised

A scene from serio-comedy 1 act play script Night of the Party, wherein Ronon and Paggie are in conflict over attending an event.

RONON: I gave you what I promised.

PAGGIE: No, no you haven’t.

RONON: Don’t you dare accuse me of lying!

PAGGIE: This is the life I want and I aim to live it out!

RONON: Until when?!

PAGGIE: Until I die!

RONON: Nonsense.

PAGGIE: I am going to this party with or without you.

RONON: Suit yourself.

RONON takes off his suit jacket and flings it on the bed.

PAGGIE: How dare you?

RONON pours himself a drink and drains it.

He follows it up with another and drains that one too. He goes for his third and sits in a single sofa, facing PAGGIE.

RONON: There. I am a boulder now.

PAGGIE: You are going to that party if I have to roll you.

RONON: Paggie, come sit with me.


RONON: Please, come join me…

PAGGIE: I will not allow you to alter this night.

RONON: You already have. I spoke my piece.

PAGGIE: You spoke your piece…hmmm…you spoke your piece…DID YOU? Hmm. Well, have I got news for you. There is no peace! We will have nothing to do with peace. Not in this house. Not until we are both good, gone and dead.

RONON: What’s wrong with peace?

PAGGIE: I want to live! I need to live, Ronon. You forget all those years we suffered through the thick of it, chopping away through the jungle until we finally made enough room for ourselves in the world and HERE WE ARE! You can’t tell me that after all those sacrifices, coming up from nothing more than a cave, that we are to walk away from everything we ever wanted.

RONON: What more do you want?

PAGGIE: I want to be in it up to my ears baby.

RONON: You’ll drown.

PAGGIE: I’ll float.

RONON: You push me too damn hard woman.

PAGGIE: (laughs) Do I?

RONON: That’s right. We’re here! Aren’t we?! When do I get to kick up my legs, have a drink and relax? Or even breathe for a moment, if you’d let me!

PAGGIE: Life isn’t for relaxing, life is for living. If you’re a boulder, roll down the mountain!

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Night of the Party by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Night of the Party, Ronon and his wife Paggie are about to leave for an event, but Ronon has a change of heart and refuses to leave for the party they are expected to arrive at.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama/Serio-Comedy.

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