It’s A Quiet Place To Chat

Them Candles is a one-act drama play act featuring three characters.  Kendra admits to her mother that she’s dating a guy.

KENDRA: It’s a quiet place to chat.

DARLA: And then what? What then?

KENDRA: We talk.

DARLA: And then?

KENDRA: We sometimes go for a walk, there’s a lovely park just across the road…

DARLA: You puttin’ me on?

KENDRA: Stop it, Mom.

DARLA: Change your dress.

KENDRA: Stop it, Mom.

DARLA: Now you take off that dress before I take it off.

KENDRA: Ha, ha, you wouldn’t dare.

(DARLA rises from her couch)

DARLA: (warning) You don’t take off my dress…


(DARLA lunges at Kendra and they
struggle. Darla rips the dress)

Oh, look what you did!

DARLA: There you go.

KENDRA: Why did you do this to me, Mom? I’m meeting Sam tonight!

DARLA: Sam, who’s Sam?

KENDRA: A fella I met that I been talking to!

DARLA: How long you been talking?

KENDRA: I don’t know!

(KENDRA runs upstairs to her

DARLA: You ain’t going out.


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