15 Powerful Female Comedic Monologues

Monologue Blogger contains some funny and edgy pieces for female comedic monologues. The response from actresses using these LOL monologues for auditions has been awesome!

Topics include dating, friendship, style, accidents, pranks and more.

15 Powerful Female Comedic Monologues

NEXT IN LINE – if company policy was to be rude to all customers, Lucille would receive employee of the month…every month.

WING GIRL – Janice is lonely and eager to find a man, any man ‘almost’ to have a good time.

JUST FOR LAUGHS – a mother plays a cruel joke on her son simply because she can.

PHONE CALLS – Meagan wishes guys would stop being s foolish by playing the phone game, rather than just making the phone call.

UNDERWHELM – Wilma needs a miracle to happen to wake her up from the dreadful life she lives and maybe, just maybe her co-worker knows just the place.

JUST ONE THING – Jackie loves her man, she just wishes he would stop passing gas so often…really, man.

FUNGUS AMONG US – Alexa isn’t happy with the way in which her roommate keeps things in their apartment.  After she explains her feelings to her, it only gets worse.

GANGSTER GRANDMA – this bad ass Grandma takes no prisoners and can drink anybody under the table.

15 Powerful Female Monologues for Women

THE GIRLS – don’t you just love when your friend is so happy and so in love and you are alone and miserable?

A SMILE PER DAY KEEPS A WRINKLE AWAY – Cleopatra is the master of all things poolside discussion.

DOG ANXIETY – Zara does a favor for a friend by watching her dog, only to get tortured throughout the night and some.

STRETCH – a yoga instructor accidentally takes things too far during a HOT yoga session…damn.

LITTLE CRITTERS – X marks the spot and Sarah has to fish out a bug caught in her eye.

COLOR & STYLE – knowing the hairstyle you want and then getting the hairstyle you don’t want can really mess up your day.

CRAPPY PANTS – Elise makes a little oopsy on her date with a hot guy and does what any rational woman would do…blame it on a fear of squirrels.

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