Killing You

In this frightening character monologue, a Killer toys with their latest victim in a real flippant and cold manner. Can send shivers down one’s spine.

KILLER: You might be wondering why I haven’t killed you yet…I’m actually wondering that as well.  Not so sure.  Usually I just do it.  Takes less than a second.  Then it’s forgotten in the next.


With you, it’s different.  Don’t know why.  I just don’t know why. (beat) Why?  Why can’t I kill you?  I have no feelings for you whatsoever.  I don’t know you.  We’ve never met.  So strange.

I guess even the greats have an off night.  Maybe this is my off night.  Maybe.


Should I let you go?  What’s the point?  What do you think?  Should I let you live?


Yeah?  You think you should live?  I should just let you walk right out of here…Well, that’s something to be hopeful about isn’t it?  Yeah, yeah it is.  Some psycho was about to kill you and then lets you go.  Ha!  What a story you can tell your friends.  Amazing stuff right there.  Don’t you think?


But I have to kill you.  No, no.  Relax.  I do.  I do because it’s what I’m supposed to do.  Even when an athlete is having an off night, he still performs.  I have to perform.  I’m not so sure I could live with myself if I don’t perform.  Letting you go doesn’t make me the star player that I believe myself to be.  (beat) You understand, right?  I mean it sucks, for you, that I’m gonna kill you now but I’m sure there’s a part of you that understands; even if it’s the tiniest part.


Well, I usually forget these things but I think this time around I will definitely remember you.  Take care.

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In this short play, the KILLER may have met his match with his latest VICTIM as they exchange a battle of wits that may result in a surprising outcome.

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