May I Read the Letter?

A scene taken from period drama one-act play script Agatha’s Letter about a dead wife haunting the minds of her husband and his lover.

GEORGETTE: May I read the letter?

MILO: You’ve already asked me that.

GEORGETTE: What did she say about me?

MILO: About you??

GEORGETTE: Obviously she had the inclination to know about what would happen to us, did she ever make clear mention of me?

MILO: To what extent?

GEORGETTE: Did she make direct reference to me?

MILO: What in the hell are you talking about?

GEORGETTE: I have something to confess, Milo.

MILO: What?

GEORGETTE: My feelings for you grew sooner than yours…while Agatha was alive, I may have indirectly let her know this. Maybe she noticed from my expressions.

MILO: Are you to tell me that you deliberately made Agatha aware of your feelings?

GEORGETTE: I was falling in love with you.

MILO: Dear God. She wasn’t a well woman, Georgette!

GEORGETTE: Stop saying that!

MILO: What am I supposed to say?!

GEORGETTE: Anything but that!

MILO: What did you do to her?

GEORGETTE: Me? I didn’t do anything.

MILO: You just confessed.

GEORGETTE: No, I confessed of how I felt at the time, when I was helping to take care of her! I don’t know of anything else that could, I mean…I can’t exactly remember anything other than perhaps admitting how fond I was of you and I think I…there was a day I couldn’t hold back my true self from her.

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