There Comes A Time

In There Comes a Time, Shannon catches her son with fireworks and forces him to apologize for his destruction and replace the damage caused.

SHANNON:  Come back here and sit your ass down. Sit down! (beat) Damn you, boy. Words only mean so much in this life and they mean nothing without action! If your father knew what you did, he woulda been disappointed in you. The only way to rectify this is to take some action. We are going to talk to the owners of each home, you are going to apologize and you are going to tell them that you will pay them for a new mailbox, we’ll take the money from the savings we’ve got leftover. No son of mine is going to carry on and grow up to be a delinquent. No, you are going to go out there and take responsibility for your actions, you are going to apologize for what you did and you are going to pay each and every home what’s rightfully theirs. We’ll get it done this week, so they can receive their mail, right before Christmas. If your father was alive, he would have made you do the same thing! If you don’t agree, I’ll drive you down to the police station myself this instant.

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There Comes a Time by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay There Comes a Time, Shannon’s teenage son Chris has been acting up with his friends being destructive.  Shannon is a single mother who wrestles her son to give him the values he needs before it’s too late.  1 Woman, 1 Man (teen).  Drama.

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