Miss Marmalade and the Emerald Sea

In Miss Marmalade and the Emerald Sea, Miss Marmalade talks to Mr. Baldwin about the potential leave she may take from her work.

MISS MARMALADE: There’s a tiny French island surrounded by emerald green water in the Mediterranean. It’s off the coast of the Riviera. There is a new jazz club opening up and the owner is a friend of Ernie’s and asked Ernie if he would be interested in leading a house band to play each night. I believe Ernie wishes to marry me Mr. Baldwin, and being a woman of my…distinction, I can’t say it doesn’t sound romantic. The open air, moonlight, the sound of jazz playing over the ocean’s sweet breeze. I imagine that’s where I’d like to be. However, what you’ve just proposed is a very serious undertaking. But let’s be realistic Mr. Baldwin, you and I both know that you are in perfect health and that you and Norma can get along completely fine without me. (beat) Although Norma is most important to me…she is old enough to see the world on her own, wouldn’t you say? Eventually, I must come to the conclusion as to whether or not I am to go to the emerald sea…

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Miss Marmalade and the Emerald Sea by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Miss Marmalade and the Emerald Sea, Miss Marmalade is caught in a decision she must make between the family she loves and the man she wishes to marry. 2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama/Period Drama.

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