Naked To The Eye

In Naked To The Eye, Antoine is forced to call and ask his landlord for a rent payment extension but this time she says no.

ANTOINE: Mrs. Bugley, surely, you can be kind enough to allow me to pay you in exactly three days…today is Monday, I will have your money no later than Thursday…at the latest. I promise you, on my word…I know, I know this isn’t the first time I’ve been late but this month, with all that’s going on, I find it extremely difficult to be on time. You can understand that, surely? Perhaps I should have phoned you sooner, but I really tried different ways to not have to make this call to you, so…I know I said it was personal and it is, it’s not because I won’t have your money, I assure you, it is only because I have been, I have had to make a payment for something else that was very important, crucial in fact, something out of my control…didn’t really expect this week to take such a turn, such as life does, what can we do…Anyway, please understand, I really need you to permit me to pay the rent this Thursday…there’s no other option at this point, for me at least.

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Naked To The Eye MiniIn the one act eplay Naked To The Eye, Antoine has again failed to make his rent on time and he pleads with his landlord Mrs. Bugley to give him an extension to pay.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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