There Was A Time

In There Was A Time, Chuckie talks to his wife about why he keeps taking chances with their money because he desperately wants to get ahead.

CHUCKIE: …I’m sorry I keep messing things up…it’s my impatience of it all, Kansas. I’m—I want us to get where we wish to go as fast as possible and when I take these short cuts, they wind up being long cuts and things go back to zero again and it’s all my fault.

Blame it on my desires is what it is…I’m anxious, so damn anxious to get to the destination, that I don’t see what’s right in front of me.

I’m gonna do it, though. You can bet your bottom dollar, I won’t ever try to take a shot like I been taking.

Let me get us back on track. I promise you, I will get the money back and get us on the right road again.

I’ve had a good month. There’s been a heap of tractors from old Moses that need repair. A whole bunch of ’em, and my name is written on every single one of ’em. Already repaired two and I get the feeling that old Moses is gonna put me under contract for the rest. There’s dozens and dozens all lined up on his property. He showed me and it was like seeing sparkling gold.

This deal goes through, well, we’ll recover what I lost and be back on the road to a home of our own and our very first child.

That sound good to you?

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There Was A Time In this one-act ePlay, Chuckie lost his and his wife Kansas’ savings under shady circumstances and he may have lost his wife in the process as well.

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