Red Room

In Red Room, Morgan talks to one of his top investors Kelly about how she needs to be the one responsible for firing her team partner, Ralph.

MORGAN: You think he does because he held your hand at the start, which was probably his single act of greatness. And you got used to having him around. It gave you confidence, security and you are afraid of what will happen to you if he washes out with the tide. But do you know what will happen? You will only rise to further heights of success.

You know what I’ve always known about Ralph? Ego, charm and luck only get a person so far in life without the discipline and talent to go with it. He’ll always be mediocre at best. The guy picked the wrong field. Should be a coach for little league baseball or something. He’ll never make it to the majors…but you, that’s different. You, your mind is made for the majors, in fact, you’ve been hitting home runs long before you were brought in…yes, I know all about you, your history, your choices…I like what you’ve done with your life, so far, so far…but now, today…on this very day the moment has arrived for you to be what I know you have in you to be. I’m doubling your salary, giving you a team of five that you will lead and I want you to pick the best ten you can find out there in that circle jerk of a room. The best! Under you! Find me the savages. But first, give Ralph his termination.

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In the one act eplay Red Room, Morgan talks to one of his top investors about firing a partner from her team. 1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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