Lost in Thought

In the comedy monologue, Lost in Thought, Edna checks on her neighbor Marsha after she observes that Marsha seems frozen in time.

EDNA: Yes blank, expressionless, unmoving. Motionless. You, you looked frozen. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to pry, but it seemed quite out of the ordinary. I was working in my garden when I heard this gushing sound of water, and I became curious, the water sounded like it had been going on for too long. So, I looked between the fence, and noticed you…you staring straight out, in my direction. At first, I figured you were just doing yard work, but your behavior seemed unusual to me…you…weren’t active. The hose you were holding was pouring over you and so, I thought perhaps you were only cooling yourself off, but, you remained..unflinching. It did appear as though you were staring right at me, so, I waved at you, but when there was no reaction, I became concerned. I was sure you were staring directly at me. I walked along the fence to get a closer look at you, and you were…well, I called out to you, again, then again, Marsha, but you wouldn’t respond! I decided to approach you and I called your name a few times before finally, finally, your eyes focused, and you spoke to me as if nothing was out of the ordinary, as if you knew I was there the entire time, as if standing in a pool of mud was insignificant.

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Lost in Thought by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Lost in Thought”, nosy neighbor Edna approaches Marsha on her property when she notices that Marsha appears to be behaving strangely.  2 Women.  Comedy.

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