The Void

In serio-comedy monologue, “The Void” George talks to a pretzel vendor about how he’s been diagnosed with living forever.

GEORGE: Went for my yearly checkup. Wasn’t expecting anything, the usual, sugar’s too low or too high, gain five pounds, get more vitamin D – these things fluctuate, right? But today I was told something significant …something entirely, remarkably different.

(beat) Do you want to know what the doctor said?

Tiana nods.

Said, are you ready? Said, I was going to live forever. Believe that? Dead serious. Said I have no ailments, I’m in perfect health, and I’m never ever going to die. That my fluctuations are unusually limited and will always remain the same. Normal. After I laughed, the doctor turned to me and asked what I found funny. He wasn’t joking. I said, “It’s impossible for me to live forever.” And he said, I have a rare condition. He said, my cells don’t die, and I will appear as I am now for all eternity because my biology is always going to rejuvenate as a healthy living organism, without degeneration. (beat) He gave me this pamphlet, so I could educate myself about my condition. There’s this place upstate where I can attend group sessions and workshops to prepare for living forever. There are other people like me out there in this world. I never knew this even existed, until today. I didn’t know something like this could ever happen to me. 

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The Void by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “The Void” George has been diagnosed with a rare condition that will make him live forever.  He shares is plight with a street vendor who sells pretzels.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Serio-comedy.

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