15 Serious Monologues for Teens

A short list of free drama monologues for teens that can be used as drama lessons in class/audition/video projects. Comedy/Drama skits for girls and guys.

15 Serious Monologues for Teens

  1. I Thought We Were Best Friends – Lena isn’t sure if her best friend is really holding up to the title.
  2. We Will Cross That Bridge When We Get To It – Andy doesn’t want a serious relationship and explains to the girl he’s been dating that he doesn’t want to be exclusive.
  3. Pretty Enough – Tracy talks to Carol about how she is pretty both on the inside and out.
  4. Mind Trick – this monologue is good for a young man or woman and focuses on the health of a mind.
  5. Against The Negativity – Jess shares some personal info with a coworker while taking an internship.
  6. Not Making It Anymore – After three years of being in a relationship, Jack thinks it may finally be time to break things off.
  7. One Thing – Brianna talks about how guys are always after one thing and how she needs to uphold her self-respect.
  8. Force of Reason – In this monologue Franz questions the truth as to whether or not he thinks there truly is a God.
  9. The Quicker I’m Done, The Faster I Run – A young successful DJ talks to his Guidance Counselor about forcing himself to finish school.
  10. Agree To Disagree – Harpa gets real with her friend about the dishonesty she’s been revealing in her personality.
  11. Fog World – Sabrina tells her brother that he needs to wake up from his fog like existence and get with the program of living life more fully.
  12. In Your Way – Teddy talks to his brother about how he always mistreats him like a bully.
  13. One Step Closer – Natalie wants to be one of the boys and she works extra hard to prove that she can play as good on her sports team.
  14. Walk Before You Run – Justin shares some advice with his younger brother about taking his time with the girl he’s seeing.
  15. Bubble World – Jasmine calls out her cousin over how she seems to be the most selfish person she has ever met in all her life.

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