I know you well enough to know you’re a decent human being

A heartbroken Jason finds solace from Mrs. Shelly’s attempt at reason in this drama scene taken from the eplay, ‘Winter Will Never End’.

Jason looks off lost in thought.

MRS. SHELLY: (observing) …Are you alright?


MRS. SHELLY: You looked sad just then.

JASON: I’m fine, I guess. Not much for parties.

MRS. SHELLY: Why’s that?

JASON: They make me nervous.

MRS. SHELLY: Nervous? What makes you nervous?

JASON: All the commotion.

MRS. SHELLY: You’re an introvert?

JASON: I wouldn’t label myself that.

MRS. SHELLY: I didn’t mean to sound insulting.

JASON: Oh no, I didn’t take what you said as such…I think it’s more a matter of my surroundings.

MRS. SHELLY: And what’s so bad about these surroundings?

JASON: Nothing. It’s – well nothing.

MRS. SHELLY: …It becomes a battle of toleration, doesn’t it? How much can you tolerate and what will happen if you can’t tolerate it any longer? You find yourself crying in a corner. (laughs uneasily) You stare at everything from a short distance and realize you don’t recognize your own life. You become your own greatest mystery. It comes over you like the lid of a coffin…oh, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so morbid, but you did ask me what was giving me trouble. (quickly) And thank you by the way for doing so..a true gentleman…it is nice to get noticed, sort of takes me back to accepting things as they are, not as I wish they could have been.

JASON: Mrs. Shelly, we have a lot more in common than we think.

MRS. SHELLY: You imagine so?

JASON: I believe that to be true.

MRS. SHELLY: Yes, perhaps.

JASON: You’re a good woman.

MRS. SHELLY: You don’t even know me.

JASON: I know you well enough to know you’re a decent human being.

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