Fever Dream

In Fever Dream, Reggie has a heart to heart with a bartender in a dive bar about the mutual pain they feel over their fathers.

REGGIE: Being ready isn’t my problem. I’ve been ready my whole life. Not a damn thing I won’t face. I fear nothing. Nothing…except myself. I’m so afraid I won’t be able to keep myself together in his presence. There’s so much anger I feel towards him. And now that he’s not well, I’m supposed to play forgiveness and put on my best face. Why? Why should I? After everything that was done all my life…why should I act like it didn’t happen? Don’t my feelings matter? No, they never mattered, I imagine…that’s why I was always stepped on. I come from a family of professional critics. Spent my whole life trying not to step on a land mine, but it’s kinda hard when you’re raised in a minefield. It’s all about learning how to disarm the situation so it doesn’t eat you alive and when that stops working, you try the next best thing, staying out of reach. But every once in a while you receive a personalized package sent directly to you, with a bright bow on it and you are forced to see what’s inside, but all it ever does is blow up in your face, ripping open all the scars you’ve healed throughout the years and all you can do is try not to bleed to death…

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Fever Dream PlayIn the one act eplay Fever Dream, bartender owner Don sheds some light on Reggie’s situation from his own life, that helps her understand what she needs to do next.  1 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.

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