Sand Angels

In this short drama monologue from the one-act ePlay Sand Angels, Lenora rages and sulks over whether or not her life so far has been interesting.

LENORA: I’m just feeling like my best years are behind me now. Part of me thinks I didn’t do enough during my prime. I look back and I see how I moved through life and it never dawned on me that time really does run out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, I know we’re all gonna die, eventually, but I never considered that this is it, this is all I’m gonna be. The same day lived over with slight nuances but virtually the same. It’s like living all the variations of the same day with nothing spectacular ever happening. You know, my whole life, I don’t imagine there’s ever been anything spectacular about it. My lifeline has always been a series of small bumps in the road with nothing higher than normal, nothing that would ever make me lose my breath for good reason, and I don’t imagine it ever will.

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Sand AngelsIn this one-act ePlay, Lenora feels her best years may be behind her but her boyfriend Harris reminds her of how spectacular the smaller things in life actually are.

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