Our Town Is the Pits

The water in this town is polluted but that doesn’t stop a dare to swim in a contaminated lake in this one-act teen drama play Acid Taste.

DAWN: Our town is the pits. That’s why they be building more a them industrial plants or whatever and pollutin’ the air. They say it don’t kill the environment and I call it bull cause half the people in this town are sick. Member Billy?

CHIZEL: Yeah, I member Billy.

DAWN: He the one that first tol’ me. Before he die.


DAWN: Said he got sick cause his house was closest to that fracking site. His momma, his father and his brother, all dead. Why you lookin’ at me like you hearing this for the first time?

CHIZEL: It’s just shocking.

DAWN: It’s reality.

CHIZEL: If you care so much why you got Tiffany swimming across acid lake?

DAWN: I tol’ you. It don’t matter.

CHIZEL: It do.

DAWN: It don’t.

CHIZEL: It do.

DAWN: I’m a smack you.

CHIZEL: Don’t.

DAWN: I’m a smack you in the face.

CHIZEL: Don’t.

DAWN: Then be quiet.

CHIZEL: You stupid.

DAWN: I said, be quiet.

CHIZEL walks up to the lake, shouting at

CHIZEL: Tiff! Tiffany, swim back, you went far enough girl. SWIM BACK! TIFFANY! (to Dawn) She don’t hear me.

DAWN: She too far out.

CHIZEL: Too far out.

DAWN: She supposed to reach that buoy and swim back.

CHIZEL: She went past the buoy Dawn.

DAWN: Why she go past that damn buoy?

CHIZEL: I told you this was a bad idea.

DAWN: Why she keep swimming? Don’t she know to turn around?

CHIZEL: She way past that buoy, Dawn.

DAWN walk up to the lake.

CHIZEL takes off her shoes.

Yo, I’m a go swim out to her.

DAWN: You ain’t goin’ nowhere.

CHIZEL: I gotta get her. She goin’ too far.

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Acid Taste MonologueIn the one act eplay Acid Taste, Tiffany is out swimming in a contaminated lake, while her two best friends Chizel and Dawn look on.  2 Women.  Drama.

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