Terrible Analogy

In Terrible Analogy, Jeffrey talks to his wife about taking a step back to give him room to work without worrying so much about him.

JEFFREY:  Maybe it’s a terrible analogy. What I’m sayin’ is that you need to slow down some, breathe in some fresh air and quit taking things to heart. We’re living on our own farm, Josie. Isn’t that what you wanted? Out here in the open country. Got me chopping wood all damn day…said no to my brother, could have taken up that job at the bank, I was always good with numbers, better than he’ll ever be, but I said no. Why? For you. I became a farmer, so that we could be together, be happy and make our own way. There. Just wish you’d let me be my own man, without babying me twenty-four seven, making me think that hard labor is a crime. I can’t wake up one single morning without you putting all your weight on me. Know what I mean? Let me get out of bed, wash my face, move my bowels and have some coffee with my own private thoughts. Man! It’s the space, like I’m in some box you keep shaking and I have a lifelong headache from bashing my head off the sides. Ever since we came out here…I do love it out here, though…love the work, love feeling like I’m always making progress. It’s good. Work is good, but…Josie, sweetheart, if you want this thing to make sense for us, I suggest you stop shaking me around and you know, let things live how they need to live. We’ll get on just fine.

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