Free Scenes and Plays for Teenagers

Free Scenes and Plays for Teenagers of all ages offers fantastic scripted scenes & theater plays for teen self-tape auditions, videos or in-person castings.

Topics include emotional crises (anxiety/depression/identity), family relationships and life’s journey.

Free Scenes and Plays for Teenagers


ANGEL PRAYERS – Milani has fallen in with a not so great group of new friends.  She has a run in with Seamus, a boy from school that she doesn’t really talk to but who may be the person to help steer Milani back on the right track.

BUBBLE WORLD – Two cousins, two different perspectives.  Jasmine is much less materialistic than her cousin and the pair go head to head over what matters most.

JUST SO YOU KNOW – Sally and her sister don’t ever get along and this short plays reveals how despite their differences they make enough of an effort to work on their relationship.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita has been keeping private about her truest feelings.  She’s been suffering from depression and doesn’t know how to escape it.  Her anxiety comes from her lack of being more sympathetic with the people she cares about in her life.

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi turns to her Aunt to help her figure out her emotional problems.  Her trouble stems from one day being extremely happy and all of a sudden a major and instant shift occurs causing her to drop off and be very sad.

TWO SHADES AWAY – At some point in her life, Melanie made a choice and from that point on she has never felt connected to her life’s path.

YOU’RE A POTATO HEAD – Ronda misses spending time with her favorite cousin but the problem is that she doesn’t like to get off the home couch.

Free Scenes and Plays for Teenagers


THE 3rd AVENUE SPOT – Lem got involved in something he wishes he could get out of.  In this scene he tries to change the course of his path but it just may be too late for him.

BASKET CASE – a mother and teenage daughter who only have each other and all the goings on from their lives together.

NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD – an older brother comes down hard on a younger brother over the fact that all he does his play video games and sleep.

CHUTZPAH – Sandra wants to run away from home but bumps into the local homeless lady, striking up a conversation that makes her see things in a new light.

ALDERONA – Alderona and Kludo are brother and sister with special powers meant to help humanity during the most trifling times.  Alderona isn’t so sure she has what it takes to manage such responsibility.

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