Where have you been for the past five months?

Drama scene from one-act eplay, “Five Months Later” wherein Bree shows up at Carslton’s apartment after not seeing him for five months.

CARLSTON (warmly): Bree. Bree, wake up.

BREE: (she stirs)

CARLSTON: Hey, have some coffee.

BREE: What time is it?

CARLSTON: About one-thirty.

BREE: (makes a face)

BREE sits up to receive coffee from CARLSTON.

CARLSTON: I made it strong, heads up.

BREE: Perfect.

BREE drinks.

Brutal, but good.

CARLSTON: It’ll wake you up in seconds. (smiles)

BREE: Fun night?

CARLSTON: Didn’t expect you last night.

BREE: I was near.

CARLSTON: You were crying.

BREE: Was I?

CARLSTON: Crying and cursing me.

BREE: Sounds about right.

CARLSTON: You remember?

BREE: Not really, but, figures.

CARLSTON: I made breakfast.

BREE: I knew I came to the right place.

CARLSTON: I know how you love my breakfast. I made a full English. (beat) What’s your plans for today?

BREE: Plans? I don’t make plans. Oh wait! Is today Thursday, or?

CARLSTON: It’s Thursday, yeah.

BREE: Supposed to go to BK for some music video thing. I don’t know. Some rap group.

CARLSTON: Oh yeah?

BREE: Not sure if I should though.

CARLSTON: It pays?

BREE: It does…not much.

CARLSTON: …How are things going for you?

BREE: The usual. You?

CARLSTON: I have a showing coming up in Paris.

BREE: You do?

CARLSTON: Yeah, with this woman who owns a gallery out there. She saw my work out here and picked it up, so…

BREE: Sounds like a good thing.

CARLSTON: Supposed to catch a flight out tonight.

BREE: To Paris?

CARLSTON: Yeah, leaving from JFK at eight.

BREE: (smiling) You should take me.

CARLSTON: I would…

BREE: We can see Paris for the first time together.

CARLSTON: You’re…what about your music video thing?

BREE: I’m not going to that.

CARLSTON: Where have you been for the past five months?

BREE: Around.

CARLSTON: I reached out to you a few times. Thought something had happened.

BREE: Everything happens.

CARLSTON: Such as?

BREE: Such as life.

CARLSTON: Why are you being general with me?

BREE: What have you been doing for the past five months?

CARLSTON: Painting.

BREE: …Oh…

CARLSTON: Come and have breakfast, it’ll get cold.

BREE: Mm-hmm.

BREE walks to the table and sits with her coffee.

CARLSTON serves a full English breakfast in a flat dish already set on the table.

CARLSTON: Let me know what you think.

BREE tries the eggs.

BREE: I’m sure you haven’t lost your touch.

CARLSTON smiles and places the pan back on the stove.

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Five Months Later by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Five Months Later” Bree shows up at Carlston’s apartment late in the night.  The story unfolds the following morning as Carlston and Bree discuss the issues coming between their feelings.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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