The Last Time

In The Last Time, Wendy’s father asks to borrow money which sparks a deep pain within her, revealing the true nature of their relationship.

WENDY: …I’ve always wondered why you abandoned me when I turned seventeen and graduated high school. You made all these promises to me, saying you were gonna be my manager and guide me into being this great singer but instead you were nowhere to be found.

Looking back on things, I know you must have been going through your own problems…being divorced from mom and trying to grow your business, but I can’t help but wonder how much you ever truly loved me to just leave like you did. (beat) I was never a focal point in your life, was I?

You look at Charles and you see how successful he’s become and I’m happy and proud of him to no end, I want the best for my brother, but when you look at him, it protects you from facing your own failures with me.

Charles doesn’t make you feel like a loser father but I do because the wasted potential of my life leaves egg on your face.

(she looks at him)

You’ve never wanted to admit that you should have been there for me when I needed you most but that’s okay because through all my years of struggle, of figuring things out on my own, look at the woman I’ve become.

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The Last TimeIn this one-act ePlay, Wendy is asked for money from the father she never sees because he is involved in a life or death situation.  This dark moment reveals a painful past between this father and daughter that may or may not shift when Wendy’s boyfriend Roger gets involved.

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