Tirades of Pupeye

Tirades of Pupeye is a serio-comedy whereby Pupeye has a monologue while under one of his philosophy spells at the pub.

PUPEYE:  Sometimes I wonder if I was born somewhere else, if I would still be me. I’d talk differently, have different upbringing, different set of values…how would I see the world then? I think our differences are designed to ignite our appreciation for one another, but instead we fear what’s not like us…we’re all in the same stew pot, aren’t we? Lack of understanding, lack of accepting other cultures…instead of embracin’ one another and growing in spirit, we slow ourselves down with confusion, anger and misguided information. How many heads must collide before we reach symmetry? Blood gets spilled in our streets, our homes; battles we take arms against in a sea of life far beyond our intelligence. Doesn’t it sicken you? Not just for a moment, but eternally…what must we practice in order to gain a little peace? I want to live in a less violent world, don’t you? All acts have a deep justification to the man or woman carrying out their deeds…grounded in what? Why? (beat) Even as I say this to you, the moment has passed…I have to get up and live out my day, just like you, forgetting the truth, making the same mistakes I internally preach against, this is my fate but not my wish…

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Tirades of Pupeye by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act serio-comedy eplay Tirades of Pupeye, Lester is a pub owner enjoying a conversation with his friend Archie when Pupeye enters the place.  Pupeye works for Lester but Lester takes care of Pupeye, including making sure he takes his much needed pills.  3 Men.  Comedy/Serio-comedy.

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