We Will Take Good Care of You

In We Will Take Good Care of You, Mrs. Birchwood tries to convince Pete Hennings to sign a contract that will swear him to secrecy.

MRS. BIRCHWOOD:  It certainly is…you should consider yourself a lucky individual. If you weren’t mopping those floors in that room at that particular time, you wouldn’t have seen a thing and you wouldn’t be presented with such an enormous opportunity. There are moments that we encounter in life Peter, once in a blue moon, that present us with that rare glimpse of luck…when given such a thing, one has to take it by the reins and ride it out to glory. If not, well, you can always live in regret, misery and hopelessness. It will eat at you for the remainder of your life, that missed opportunity, because you didn’t take it. It takes courage, I admit. You have to see it clearly with both eyes and not overthink. Trust your gut. Your time is now. I know that from experience, I’ve missed a few of those chances in my life and I’ve learned to minimize my regret by taking action, action, action. I implore you, Peter, take the contract, if not for you, for your family, whom you love, I am sure of it.

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In the one act eplay We Will Take Good Care of You, Pete Hennnings witnessed something at his job that he wasn’t supposed to see and now he is called in to his bosses office, Mrs. Birchwood, to sign a contract and make an agreement to wipe out his memory.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Scifi/Drama/Horror.  

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