Stars of the Desert

In Stars of the Desert, Harry indirectly lets his son knows he loves him by encouraging him to leave town and pursue his dreams.

HARRY:  I want you to get back in your car with your soon to be and head back to New York son. I want you to keep driving without nothing more than a single thought of me. You drive, as fast as you can, back to your dreams and never turn back. Let me die out here alone as I wish, let me drink myself to death and play with my rats, let me fix my broken toilet and stand under the starry sky, let me feel the warmth of the rising sun as it wraps itself around my cheeks, let me slither in the sand and chase wolves in the night, let me relive the days that I try to forget with nothing more than a brush of your mother’s brown hair across my face…so that I can die alone in peace, without all the expectations, without you, without forgiveness, without time, without fear and without needs…go on, go, be the one you’ve set out to be.

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Stars of the Desert by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Stars of the Desert, Chip visits his father out in the desert after receiving an intense phone call and not hearing back from him.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama/Serio-Comedy.

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