What’s wrong with a bit of fun?

In this drama scene from one-act play script, “I’m Sorry You’re So Beautiful” Amanda wants to cut things off with Jake but it’s not easy.

JAKE: You are lovely..all of you.

AMANDA: (Sighs.) Jake you make this so hard for me.


AMANDA: You are fun, I’ll give you that.

JAKE: What’s wrong with a bit of fun?

AMANDA: You’re dangerous, which ignites my craziness and together that can’t be good.

JAKE: F’ck it.

AMANDA: One of us has to think.

JAKE: Thinking is so boring. Isn’t it better to be wild and free?


JAKE: Once in a while. Not think about anything but enjoyment.

AMANDA: We have been.

JAKE: Has anything bad happened?


JAKE: There you go.

AMANDA: But something eventually will. I just know it.

JAKE: How do you know it?

AMANDA: Look at this hotel room. It’s absolutely destroyed.

JAKE: But I told you that I’ll take care of it.

AMANDA: But why did we destroy it?

JAKE: Because we’re rock stars.

AMANDA: No, no, we’re not..we’re stupid.

JAKE: I’ll fix this whole place up and it will be like it never even happened.

AMANDA: And then what comes next?

JAKE: Like, what?

AMANDA: Are we going to throw the TV out the window and see if it can fly? Don’t you see, I think we’ve reached the climax of this whole thing Jake. I don’t want us to keep going down the path that we both seem to get on when we’re together after a show. I really feel like something bad will happen if we keep at it. We need to pull back and not only that, we need to call it quits. Look, it’s been awesome, but we’ve reached our limit. Don’t you agree?

JAKE: I don’t see it.

AMANDA: Come on Jake. You threw a vase into the wall and LOOK, (Pointing.) half of it is embedded into there. I don’t know how no one called the cops on us last night.

JAKE: Were we that bad?

AMANDA: Worse.

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