You know I couldn’t have loved him

In this drama scene taken from the short play, ‘Gleam of Dawn’, Annie visits her ex-boyfriend James unexpectedly because she still loves him.

Annie lights a cigarette and sits. James observes her and hands her a towel from the bathroom.

JAMES: Take this, you’re all — you want to give me your coat?

Annie nods and hands her coat to James.

He hangs it up on a nearby coat rack.

JAMES: What –

ANNIE: I wanted to see. That’s all.

JAMES: …When did you start smoking?

ANNIE: (pointing) Is that wine?

JAMES: Yeah, would you like a glass?

ANNIE: Is the pope a catholic?

JAMES: I take that as a yes…

James picks wine up from the floor and finds a glass for Annie. He pours each of them some wine over the course of the following dialogue.

I never expected…

ANNIE: I know.

JAMES: When’s the last time we…

ANNIE: God knows…

JAMES: Well…

They clink glasses and drink.

Annie downs hers and holds up her glass for another.

James obliges.

ANNIE (observing the place): So, is this all yours?

JAMES (chuckles): Yeah.

ANNIE (points to easel): Is that what you are working on?

JAMES: Oh, that’s, uh, yeah, I’m in the midst of that one.

ANNIE: Go on.


ANNIE: Work on it…like I’m not here.

JAMES: I can’t work that way; someone looking over my shoulder.

ANNIE: I never bothered you before.

JAMES: You going to tell me why you’re here Annie?

ANNIE: I want to watch you work…go on. Please.

James reluctantly picks up his paint brush and dips it in his palette and works.

Annie appears relieved and relaxed for the first time as she studies him.

As James gets further into his work, Annie stands up and slowly approaches James from behind. She wraps her arms around his stomach, resting her head on his back.

James closes his eyes and accepts Annie’s embrace but then he turns around and looks Annie in her eyes.

JAMES: What happened with my brother?

ANNIE: Oh, that?

JAMES: What happened?

ANNIE: I left him.

JAMES: Isn’t he what you wanted?

ANNIE: He was never what I wanted.

Annie breaks away.

ANNIE: He was a safety net. Nothing more.

JAMES: Nothing more?

ANNIE: James, you know I couldn’t have loved him.


ANNIE: Because I love YOU!

JAMES: Damn it, Anne.

ANNIE: It’s not like something we don’t know.

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