Extra Garlic

In Extra Garlic, Mario shares with his friend why he loves cooking food for people and how it literally keeps him alive each day.

MARIO:  It’s not all about what they want, sometimes they don’t even know what they want until they taste it. When I’m in the kitchen making my food, it’s my domain, it’s the one place where I feel important, feel like I actually have a place in the world. I can’t have customers telling me how to cook. Think about that. What good am I if I’m taking orders from my clients? Do I believe in customer satisfaction? Absolutely. I bend over backwards to feed my people. But it has to be on my terms, it has to be with freedom, love, that’s where it means somethin’ to me, that’s what makes the whole experience worth it. I’m trusted. And when I see people finish their meal, and they’ve got that feeling of…fulfillment, there’s no greater reward I could ask for. It keeps me going over here, what else I got going for me? I’ve lost everything I put my love into, but this, this is different, this kitchen will never leave me. It gives me purpose.

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Extra Garlic by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, ‘Extra Garlic’, Chef Mario cooks for a his longtime friend Sorrino and during their conversation about garlic, personal truths come out of them unexpectedly.  2 Men. Drama/Serio-Comedy in tone.

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