7 Drama Monologues from Plays for Female Teens

Here’s 7 free drama monologues from plays for female teens that can be used for auditions, acting class or your online video channel.

  • Topics include happiness, depression, family issues, love and breaking up, jealousy and self-discovery.  Monologues are from 1-2 minutes long and the one-act plays have a running time of 5-10 minutes in duration.

7 Drama Monologues from Plays for Female Teens

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita is trying to come to grips with her own sensitivity since she has inner road blocks placed on herself about issues with trusting people she cares about.

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi talks privately to her favorite Auntie about how she suffers from depression much too often and needs help.

BUBBLE WORLD – Jasmine is fed up with her selfish cousin and wishes she wasn’t so focused on herself.

LICK MY WOUNDS – Crystal gives her boyfriend the opportunity to break up with her since all he does is complain.

TREAT ME NICE – Corinne wants love and respect from her mother, which seems almost impossible.

TWO SHADES AWAY – Melanie is lost.  She is confused with her path in life and in this monologue she desperately tries to come to terms with who she is meant to be.

JUST SO YOU KNOW – Sally tells her sister that the way she gets treated is horrible and needs to change.

Monologues from Plays

Monologues From Plays

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Monologues from Plays

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