Just So You Know

In this teen drama monologue Just So You Know, SALLY complains to her sister about how disturbed she is over how she gets treated by her.

SALLY:  Why do you have to be such a loser to me all the time?  You literally treat me like dirt.  It’s like we’re not even sisters.  You never want to hang out and you’re always so mean to me, especially when you’re with your friends. God forbid I’m even in the same room with you when your friends stop over.  You always tell me to leave.  It’s my house too and I don’t have to go into another room just because you say so.  Just because you are older doesn’t make you the boss of me.


You’re never there for me.  Not even as a friend let alone sister.  Seriously. You don’t even know who I am and we live together.  It’s pathetic, really.  It is.

I hope that one day you stop trying to be so cool and start treating me like someone you actually care about in your life.  Nothing would be cooler and more important to me than that…just so you know.

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In this short play, two teen sisters go head to head but try to find a common ground to see eye to eye.

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