Ain’t That Livin’?

In Ain’t That Livin?, Nancy confronts her husband Cade about how they need to really change their lives, before it’s all too late for them to make a life.

NANCY:  We’re livin’ in it, Cade. We’re out here swimmin’ in this mess. We’re stretched out, with nothin’ to hold onto, with nothin’ more in us, just the fumes of our failures. ‘Cause that’s all you’re doin’…fumin’, dreamin’..MEDITATING. Pah! On a rock, you say? Ha, ha. All you’re doin’ is wastin’ time. Starin’ at that river, wonderin’ why you ain’t never done nothin’ more with yourself. We’re outlaws! Get it? We stop makin’ moonshine, and what then? What we gonna do then? Tell me, Cade, what’s another one a them genius ideas of yours? Come on, out with it, tell it how it is, how we gonna make another quick buck or two, to get us through another day, few months, maybe a year if we’re lucky?  Moonshine. This ain’t no world for ideas..not our world; we’re drowners; drownin’, drownin’ is all we’re doin’,  what we do best. And you goin’ on like everything is everything. Well, it’s not! It ain’t! Only a matter a time before the Sheriff finds us, throws us in the can and that will be that. So much for yours…

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Ain't That Livin'? by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Ain’t That Livin’?” Cade has been going off every morning to meditate on a rock and Nancy has been secretly making a plan to open up an ice-cream soup shop with her friend Marge.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama/Family drama.

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